McTimoney Treatment

The McTimoney treatment was established in the 1950’s; the McTimoney techniques has been developed, modified and enhanced by human chiropractic practitioners so that they could be applied to animals.

McTimoney technique is a holistic treatment, which enables the body to re-align and balance its musculoskeletal system. The McTimoney treatment involves the use of my hands to manipulate the re-alignment.

The animal is made up of the spinal column which encases the spinal cord; from this vertebraes within this body are controlled by the nervous system. Nerves travel through the vertebrae joint spaces which can become fixed and restricted, this can then cause a misalignment.

The muscle spasm caused by a misalignment, can cause the animal to compensate, which in turn can cause compensatory strains and stresses. Manipulation of the misaligned joints enables the nerves to once again travel freely, relieving muscle tension and discomfort, enabling restoration of soundness and performance restoring the bodies balance of well being and aiding maintained health.

McTimoney treatment is regulated under the Veterinary Act.